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Need for Forensic Investigation Training in India

The Honorable Union Home Minister of India, Shri Rajnath Singh, emphasized on the importance of forensic training of Police forces in the country, during the inaugural ceremony of 24th All India Forensic Science Conference held at Ahmedabad on 10th February 2018. He said fear of being detected is a greater inhibition factor for the criminals than the nature of punishment. Since most of the police officers (first responders) in the country are not properly trained in forensic investigations, often the evidences are destroyed leading to weakening of criminal cases in the court of law. He also stated that all forensic laboratories across the country should follow a common procedural protocol to minimize the discrepancies in forensic reports. See full news article* at the link provided below.

International Institute for Forensic and Security Studies has launched over 100 different online certification cum training courses related to forensic, legal, police, criminology and security studies to strengthen the level of related trainings in India and abroad. There are highly specialized online training programs; offered for the first time in India and many other countries worldwide for police, military and other law enforcement agencies to keep them updated about this emerging field and day to day advancement in technologies.

The institute also encourages police forces across the world to work collaboratively with each other in order to efficiently combat cross border crimes and major security threats like: Terrorism. Therefore the courses are designed keeping in mind professionals across the globe, including but not limited to members of judiciary, forensic scientists, bankers, administrators and other professionals.

Just like charity begins at home, training to combat crime needs to be provided to common man as well, together with existing professionals, therefore, some of the courses at IIFSS, India are customized specifically for general public/civilians including housewives and school going children.


*Source: The Indian Express (February 10, 2018) Rajnath Singh calls for basic training in forensics for policemen. Available online at: https://indianexpress.com/article/india/rajnath-singh-calls-for-basic-training-in-forensics-for-policemen-5058893/ Last Accessed: November 26, 2018.