Prof. David Fisher, Professor of Practice & Director, Forensic Science Program, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA Joins IIFSS Mr. Mark Branchflower, Head Fingerprints & Facial Recognition Unit, INTERPOL General Secretariat, Lyon, France delivers Webinar at IIFSS Director, IIFSS delivers lecture to All India Police at BPR&D, Govt of India Training Course on Investigation of Organized Terror Crime Mohammad AlShamsi, Head-Firearms & Toolmarks Section, Dubai Police, conducts a Masterclass at IIFSS Founder & Director, IIFSS Wins Indian Achievers' Award for Excellence in Education - 2020 Barry Fisher & David Fisher, Authors of the World Famous Book Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation Speak at IIFSS Talks Web Series IIFSS's launches Free Webinar Series! IIFSS, India ties up with Cambridge Assessment English IIFSS is Now ISO 9001:2015 Certified IIFSS receives permission from Dental Council of India for offering Forensic Odontology Certification International Institute for Forensic & Security Studies launches in India on November 28, 2018!

Training & Research

What Are Some Of The Biggest Challenges Law Enforcement Organizations Facing Today?


We offer short-term customized on-ground and online training programs for investigators, police officers, scene of crime officers, armed forces personnel, members of judiciary, forensic scientists, engineers, criminologists, disaster/emergency management professionals, administrators, entrepreneurs, banking professionals, medical professionals, other professionals and even college/school students. To let us know of your training needs and free of cost course consultation, kindly get in touch with us on: [email protected].

Consultations include Personalized Course Advice (based upon group needs & fulfillment of eligibility criteria), Field/Hands-On Training Plan, Group Application Procedure and Group Tuition Rates.

Groups may also be entitled to free Stress Management classes, IT skill development classes, Researching and Writing skills classes, and Foundation English language skill development classes. Contact us to find out if your group may be eligible!


Research Work:

Every Student at IIFSS is encouraged to engage in research activities on a day to day basis by means of research driven coursework, case studies and assignments. Moreover, students enrolled in courses having six weeks or more duration are required to complete a publishable quality research paper on any topic of their choice, which is related to their course of study and is approved by the institution. These Research Papers upon recommendation from the institute are sent for publication in national and international journals.

Institutions and Individuals who are interested in collaborating with us for undertaking joint research projects (funded or non-funded) and jointly applying for obtaining research grants should reach out directly to the Director, IIFSS, Ms. Kajal Singh on the following email: [email protected]